Monday, March 7, 2011

preoccupying my thoughts

I feel like a bad homeowner.  My house just has not been at the forefront of my brain these days.  I mean, sure, I bought a new bowl when I was at Target last week.
 and I paused at the charcoal grills (how pretty is this copper one!)
and checked out the planters (how nice would a series of white ones be in my front yard, full of herbs and spriggy flowers?)

But really?  My heart belongs to Bonnaroo and will until June.  It happens every year and anyone who's been will understand my obsession.  I make lists - Excel spreadsheets galore.  I research equipment.  I attempt (and fail) to practice setting up my new tent in my living room.  I do crazy things like buying a tent when I am so not a camper.

This year, I started a blog.  I spent about a week making a post with what I consider Bonnaroo basics.  And pretty soon it will be full of clothing purchases and more lists and pictures of my tent set-up once it's finally warm enough AND not raining for me to spend an afternoon in my yard.

If it's lonely over here, check me out over there.

Though once it really DOES get warm around here, I may have some actual gardening posts.  Seems like it's about time to really get my hands dirty and get something to grow on purpose.  And I think I did enough prep work last year that I should be able to get started as soon as I get the gardening bug!  Okay, I'm actually pretty excited about that as well!

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Allie (Wardrobe Oxygen) said...

ANOTHER blog for my google reader? Just kidding, I LOVE it!

And I hear you, every time I look at pretty home stuff or clothing, I think, "Allie, remember BONNAROOOOO!"