Tuesday, March 29, 2011

new curtains?

I've been thinking about new curtains for a while now.  My navy blue velvet ones are very pretty, but they're not quite right.  They're a bit too heavy, a bit too dark, and a bit too blue.  I mean, in the picture below they practically look black.  Overall, I just don't think they're the look I'm going for in my living room.

The velvet was very nice in the winter for keeping the cold out and will be nice in the summer to do the same for the heat, but I think I'm willing to sacrifice a little comfort for something prettier.  And besides, I'll probably just stash the velvet ones in the attic so I can pull them back out when I change my mind again.

These new curtains that I saw in the Pottery Barn catalog are what inspired this blog post:

Pretty, right?  Here are a couple of close-up pictures so you can better see the pattern:

Last year when I checked out couches at Mitchell Gold, I fell in love with a tea-stained floral pattern.  It was pretty and dreamy and romantic and I've dreamed about it all winter long.  But I can't seem to pull the trigger on a new couch and then who knows how well that fabric would wear.  It might be better to get a super sturdy canvas and pillow it up, you know?  I think I could deal with a solid couch if I had more pattern elsewhere.  Like my curtains.

I've also thought about solid green.  These linen/cotton ones (also from Pottery Barn) are the grass-y/avocado-y/light olive shade that I've been craving lately.  But then it's still a solid and therefore safe.  I think I'll be disappointed if I go safe - and I already did that with the blue velvet.

But would the tea-stained floral go with all my white accents?  That's what I can't decide.  Part of me thinks yes - it will be a fun contrast, make the room a little more me and not a copy of Jonathan Adler.  Though I do love me some JA and often think how fun my living room would be if it was as playful as one of his.  But then considering my recent cravings of brown, perhaps I'm moving away from Jonathan and not realizing it?

Picture it.  Light brown floral curtains.  My mess of pillows on the couch (post coming about that later).  My orange chair painted (yes, painted - saw a blog post about that a few days ago) a dark avocado-ish color.  My coffee table either replaced with a glass & brass version or possibly just painted gold (yeah, still thinking about this one).  A couple of gold or brass sconces flanking the quilt.  Right?  Right? 

My homework: reread Jonathan Adler's book.  Possibly order curtains (PB graciously sent me a 10% off coupon with the catalog. Damn enablers). 

side note: I've also checked out curtains elsewhere, especially Anthropologie and they seem almost TOO fun and cutesy.  These in yellow seem like the best option, but yellow & turqouise is just too preppy tropical for me, at least in a semi-permanent position like curtains.


Allie (Wardrobe Oxygen) said...

As soon as I saw your picture I too thought the current curtains are wrong, and I think the tea-stained like curtains are right, and would put you more on the right track. And I personally love the choice of the curtains with that print than the rug, it balances everything out, gives it a girly breezy feel with a bit of a vintage vibe.

The yellow is wrong, too obvious.

And the green curtains, I don't think i would like with the turquoise walls. Would give a similar effect as the navy. Too heavy and solid.

Debbie said...

Yes! Breezy, girly, vintage. That's what's in my head.

Kristie at The Decorologist.com said...


Thanks for sharing your decorating process - I always find it helpful to do that! Don't mean to be a downer, but if you are going to have all the white-white accents, those curtains (which are lovely)are probably not going to give you the look you are hoping for. You need curtains with a pattern on a white background, rather than the tea-stained ones to make the room feel pulled together. You see how the walls are creamy in the photo you posted with the curtains? That's why the curtains look so lovely in that setting. They would look dirty if they were up against white/white rather than cream. Hope this makes sense and that you don't mind me putting in my 2 cents!

Debbie said...

No - thank you! I love getting other opinions. It's why my blog is public. And I was thinking about the looking-dirty factor, but then my quilt has a lot of the same light browns and it doesn't bother me. And then part of me thinks that if the background was white, it would look TOO pulled together. Looking cohesive is a little of a scary thought for me.

Hmmmm. You've given me a lot to think about!