Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas at the Mint Green house

Snow came early in Maryland this year - just in time for my almost-annual holiday happy hour.

Here's a few shots of my house all covered in snow. It was so pretty!

I hung lights in my backyard - fat little round bulbs along the clothesline and little warm-LED rounds along the deck and around the window.

My party started at 5pm so I had to take the pictures while it was still daylight, but you can get the idea.

Back inside it was warm and cozy.

I've learned that it's good to have food in multiple locations so people don't bunch up too much. During the party I rotated food. The long aluminum dish on the coffee table held cut-up CPK thin-crust pizza and when that was kicked, I put the baked brie down for it to be devoured.

And do you like the gold ribbon in the corner? Yeah, that's to cover up the painted-over wallpaper because I haven't put the molding back up. And everyone complimented me on it!

New things to check out:
1. the large painting above the dining table.

Found this in my mom's cellar and almost didn't look at it. I'm so glad I did! The water is the same color as my walls and the size is just perfect. I hung it at the same height as my salon wall (well, it's maybe 1/4 or 1/2" off, but whatevs). It's very important to me to have things at the same height. I feel like it adds order and when you have really bright turquoise walls and tons of stuff on them, this helps keep it all in balance.

2. new foam for the couch.

I bought it the day before at JoAnn's and though I measured carefully, it still ended up too wide and too short. Luckily the amount I needed to cut off to make it narrow enough was enough to add to the edges to make it long enough. And inside my slipcover, one can never know.

3. new pillows for couch and orange chair.

Bought these at Pier 1 on sale. I had seen them at the end of the summer and loved them, but not at full price. $12 each? Done. 4. the orange chair, of course! I originally thought I'd move it upstairs after the party, but I really like it where it is and how it helps define the living room area.

Here's the other side of the room. Fake garland up around the window and my mom's lamp in the corner. She gave me permission to paint it white! Yay! But I'll save that project for the new year.

Here's the room without the flash so you can see the lights and candles sparkle. I love how the walls turn almost purple without the overhead lights. Watching TV in the evenings I usually have just these lights on and it's just so warm and friendly.

You can also see how I've transformed my crappy little Target bar. A bright red tablecloth pinned tightly, a planter filled with ice and I've got a bar!

I had pretty good attendance at my party - only a few people couldn't make it because of the weather, which meant I had about 20 people in my little house! It was loud, crowded and really fun.

My tree fits snugly in the corner next to my TV and a table runner acts as its skirt. There's still enough room to open up the closet to get out the ladder or extra folding chairs.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah and Joyous Yule!

Salvation Army find

I went to Salvation Army with my sister looking for SOMETHING for my house. A sideboard to put my TV on? A small chest for my landing strip? An end table?

And I saw a really nice china cabinet. Narrow enough to fit comfortably along the wall between my kitchen and living room. Two or three drawers below and glass doors above. And the style was great - similar to what I grew up with - simple, almost felt Federal. Overall it was in good condition and I think it was something pretty low like $75.

But it was tall and wouldn't have space to throw the mail or keys or to set up a bar during parties. Not what I was looking for. I left it at the store.

And all week it ate at me.

Could I figure out somewhere else for my keys? Put the bar set up somewhere else?

So I decided to go back. If it was there, it was meant to be. If it wasn't, I would try to not be sad about it. I went back with my mom and it was gone. Nothing similar at all. And I was very sad.

It was similar to this one:


So we wandered around and checked out everything else and I saw this orange chair again. I had seen it the weekend before and really liked it, but was on a mission for casegoods. So while the cabinet wasn't there, this chair was - and it was marked down.

I took it as a sign and bought it.

I adore the scalloped back and how trim it is. It's also comfortable and the uphostery is in good condition. I'd like to recover it eventually, but know that's not going to happen anytime soon.