Monday, May 16, 2011

honeysuckle pink honeysuckles!

When Pantone came out with their color of the year, it confused a lot of people.  Aren't honeysuckles yellow?  Well, yes, but apparently they also come in pink.

The other day I was walking down to Roosevelt Center with my sister and niece and spotted some honeysuckle-pink honeysuckles in a neighbor's yard.  So pretty!

And they smelled just as fabulous as the yellow ones.

Friday, May 6, 2011

What Would Debbie Do? Anne & Greg's Nursery

My very dear friend, Anne, is pregnant!  So happy for her, so happy for her fab husband.  Anne and I have been talking nursery decor and this morning she sent around a link to Wall Pops, which got me dreaming.  They are currently house-hunting so none of us have any idea the dimensions of the future nursery, which leaves me free to imagine a fairly good sized room with space for all sorts of furniture.  A perfect WWDD sort of project!

Anne loves color.  Her living room was dark Kelly green and was only changed to make the house more sale-able.  Her bedroom is yellow with a blue ceiling,  In her last house, her dining room was pink and she had a chocolate brown sewing room.  Is it any wonder we're friends? 

They don't know the sex of the baby yet so I did two versions, one for a boy and one for a girl.  The base of the room is the same, I just swapped out different colored accessories.  Anne also loves the color of my living room and talks about how happy it is everytime she comes over, so what better than to use the same color for her baby's room!  Ralph Lauren paint isn't sold at Home Depot anymore so I went with Benjamin Moore's version.  The Wall Pops came in with a grid of 13" dots completely across the wall behind the crib.  I borrowed this idea from Emily A. Clark and just increased the number of dots.

To tone down the bright colors but still keep things happy and light, I went with lots of white furniture.  I kept things simple for myself and only sourced things from Ikea and Pottery Barn Kids, but if Anne and Greg were to actually do this, I imagine they would shop around a little more.  Or I would shop around for them. 

I also based many of my ideas for this room on my niece's bedroom.  I used the same crib, her changing table also has baskets and she loves having a small bookcase full of her books and toys.  My sister also hung a small chandelier over the changing table and I think it's just the cutest thing.  For the boy version, I went with paper lanterns instead.  Just as cute as a crystal chandelier, but not as girlie - and they pick up on the polka dotted wall. 

Just for fun, I put in a reproduction Nelson Marshmallow sofa.  It mimics the polka dots and is just darn fun.  Of course, most nurseries are not big enough for both a couch and a rocking chair, but then I am dreaming here so I kept it in.

I went with striped sheets and a square-shaped rocking chair to contrast all the circles.  I would use Breathable Bumpers, though they aren't pictured here, because I find them a lot more pleasing than the overstuffed quilted types that are often in goofy prints or boring colors - plus then the baby can't use them to launch herself out of the crib.  Again, this is what's in my niece's room.  I would then buy an extra striped sheet and have a pillow made for the rocking chair.  And don't worry, the rocking chair is slipcovered so it can be removed for cleaning.  And it's a lot easier to get a stain out of white than a color.

Now, the Batman nightlight.  In a girl's room, you ask?  Definitely.  This is a comic book family and no matter if their baby is a daughter or a son, it will be raised to love Batman.  As every child should.

On to the designs.

Girl's Room

Boy's Room

Wall decals: Wall Pops 13" dots in Ghost
Crib: Ikea Gulliver
Sheets: Ikea striped sheets
Rug: Pottery Barn Kids chenille rug
Floor lamp: Pottery Barn Kids Vintage Floor Lamp
Rocking chair: Pottery Barn Kids slipcovered glider
Curtains: Pottery Barn Kids white sailcloth panels with blackout liners (note: I would also have shades layered underneath)
Couch: Lexington Modern reproduction Nelson Marshmallow in white leather
Chandelier: Pottery Barn Kids Ella chandelier
Paper lanterns: Pottery Ban Kids Lily lanterns
Bookcase: Pottery Barn Kids Morgan 9 cubby bookcase with Pottery Barn Kids pop-up canvas cubes
Changing table: Pottery Barn Kids Ultimate changing table with Pottery Barn Kids Canvas boxes
Nightlight: Pottery Barn Kids Batman nightlight

song of the day

I'm more than a little bit in love with L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. by Noah and the Whale.  I first heard it a few weeks ago and wished I owned it so I could play it on repeat all morning. But then I got to work, got distracted and forgot.

But not today! Today I remembered and am sharing its loveliness with you.