Thursday, July 30, 2009

things that go through my head as I dress in the morning

As I was packing up my apartment, I was reminded yet again that I wear very little out of my wardrobe. My closet was larger than most and so I stuffed all sorts of things in there. Camisoles, t-shirts that were on their way to the pajama pile, in-between season items for when it starts to get cooler (you know, in 4 months), old bridesmaid dresses. Much of this I did pack up and will put in the attic or at least the spare bedroom, but there's still a heck of a lot in my new closet. So I've decided to try to wear everything currently in my closet and if I keep putting something back, then it's going to be donated.

This morning I put on my 2nd favorite pair of black pants, a black cap-sleeve sweater and a white cropped 3/4 sleeve cardigan. The cardi has never been worn. I bought it thinking it would be a good thing over little dresses, but it's just too white. But it hits right at my waist and so with all black underneath, kinda makes me look a bit thinner. Or maybe that's what I'm hoping it does. Anyway, so then I needed accessories. And I saw the turquoise tulle flower that I bought to wear in my hair at Laura's wedding. It also has a pin so I decided to stick it on me. And it was pretty cute!

I was a little concerned that I looked like Carrie Bradshaw circa early Sex and the City...

but then I decided I looked more like Michelle Obama in Rome and so I left the house.

I’m still not 100% about this outfit (even though I’ve already received a compliment), but hey, I’m dressed and am using more of my closet!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I really feel like a homeowner now as I've even done my first household repairs.

1. The upstairs toilet was taking an extra-long time to fill when we checked at the final walk-thru so the GHI representative put in a work order while we were sitting at the conference table (love the co-op - plumbing is included!) Then Friday night it just didn't stop running. So I fiddled with it and it still didn't stop so I turned off the water. Minor, I know, but still.

2. The shower head was crazy old and the tension shower curtain rod wasn't installed and wouldn't collapse (and was worn-out and blue) so I picked up new ones at Target and installed them myself. And my shower head is low-flow with a button that will pause the stream without affecting temperature. Love it!

3. I got home tonight after working late. Was cranky, tired and hot so first thing I did was turn on the monster air conditioner in my bedroom. Which promptly blew the fuse. Weird as I'd had it on all weekend, but maybe it doesn't like being restarted. Found out that all the bedroom outlets and the hall light were affected by this so I flipped every switch until finally the one marked fridge was the golden ticket. Whew! I didn't even realize the fridge and microwave were also out! But I was so happy to figure it out on my own.

I think I'm going to do all right in my little house.


It's all done! I am now the proud owner of my mint green house. Yay! But the past few days have been a whirlwind.

9:00am: final walk-thru, almost everything seemed okay. The upstairs bathroom was taking a long time to flush and the dishwasher didn’t seem to be getting water in. Plumbing is something GHI takes care of (yay co-op!) and so there was only the dishwasher to bring up at the settlement table.

9:45am: Starbucks with my mom

10:45am: Arrive at lawyer’s and my realtor is already there (I heart her) and had called the seller’s realtor about the dishwasher.

11:00am: Move into conference room, seller’s realtor arrives and says that she checked out the dishwasher and called the seller (already down in Georgia or Florida or somewhere warm and Southern) and apparently it always takes a while for the water to start going through. So no problem, but I could contact them afterwards if it’s still weird (and it’s not – I’ve already used it and is working fine). GHI representative is also there and she already put a work order in for the upstairs toilet. Lots of signing, lots of gossiping between the two realtors and the GHI rep (they all live in OGB) that I really wanted to listen to, but had to focus on the lawyer. I had received my HUD-1 the day before so had already reviewed that and the legal assistant had gone over it with my over the phone so I understood everything and all was correct.

12:00pm: Picked up my brother-in-law and niece and went to my house for champagne & bread (my mom brought champagne, bread & salt for my housewarming present – very sweet)

2:00pm: Went over to BIL’s house to use his internet and buy my car. I decided to do this all via email and over the phone as my mom won’t drive on the Beltway so it would have been a PITA to get home from the dealership (in Rockville) and I really didn’t want to spend the whole afternoon in the dealership anyway. This way, instead of sitting in a waiting room while they ran my credit application and such, I was able to play with Emerson or wash cabinets (once I move to phone-only instead of computer so was able to go back to my house)

3:00pm: Went to my house to clean kitchen and bathrooms

8:00pm: Car arrived at my house, I signed papers.

9:00pm: Dinner at Plato’s, where I totally freaked out. This is why conventional wisdom says to only do one life-changing thing in one day. Though I then realized that a few hours of being totally freaked out is okay as then I’ve gotten it all over with and don’t have to think about it anymore. And I’m so not freaked out anymore.

10:30pm: Slept in my house all by myself – on an air mattress, but I felt comfortable enough to sleep with all the lights out (and it was very, very dark)

Thursday Packing day.

Loved having my mom to help me, though she wasn’t always logical and so living room and bedroom stuff got mixed up so while I found my hairdryer on Sunday, I haven’t found the nozzle tip for it. And I have no idea where I packed my straightener (and I packed that one!), but I have an old one so have been using that. We finished the bulk of the packing around 5pm and took my painting and Christmas ornaments and lamps out to the house and then I went back and did the final packing and cleaning up leftover magazines and newspapers and slept in my apartment for the last time.

Friday Moving day!

The movers arrived right on time and they sent three guys instead of the two I was quoted, which was awesome because I had been debating calling them up and asking for three guys so I was very happy that they made the decision for me. Everything went really quickly and they didn’t throw around my boxes, my borrowed-from-my-sister Venus mirror arrived safely and no furniture was broken. Very nice guys. I'm quite happy with my decision to hire them. After the movers left, I went to lunch with my mom, brother-in-law and his best friend who had helped Karl bring over the supa fab air conditioner that he and my sister don't need anymore as they installed central air during the renovation. And then I spent the rest of the afternoon unpacking.

Saturday Unpacked most of the kitchen, went to the mall, Target & grocery store and made cupcakes.

So crazy to have volunteered to do this, but it was good as it forced me to unpack instead of sleep. And the cupcakes were for the bridal shower of my very good friend, Shelly, and hosted by my sister so I was so happy to be able to help. And the cupcakes came out really well, too! But now I'm back to my normal routine. My commute in has been taking about 40-45 minutes and last night I worked until 9:45pm so getting home was only 30 minutes. I am still working on figuring out a way in that will shave off a few minutes - think I'm almost there. But really, it took me about 45 minutes living in the city as I had to take 2 busses. Tonight I need to leave work on time so I can stop off at the apartment and do a final sweep and drop off my keys. And then I will be fully a Greenbelter!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I can't believe my closing is tomorrow. How did this all happen so fast? It really seems like yesterday I was looking at houses with Mary. Though writing the contract feels like forever ago. I have my check for settlement in my purse. I have my binder all organized. I really am ready to do this! I'm drinking a Coke right now because I figure there's no way I'll be able to sleep tonight anyway.


I am such a procrastinator. I've always known this and as an adult, have tried to overcome it. But getting ready for work, I give myself 1-2 hours. 1/2 an hour to dress and the rest to procrastinate.

I've been trying to pack my apartment for about 2 weeks and feel like I've barely made a dent. Sunday I packed 7 boxes in between naps and TV movies. Yesterday morning and evening I struggled to get one kitchen box packed. This morning, I bounced out of bed at 6:30, fired off a long email to my sister, packed two kitchen boxes (they take longer), tore apart a stack of magazines (to avoid newsprint smudges on clean stuff) and washed a sinkful of glassware that I want clean for the move. And it's only 8am. I'm sure I'll be even more productive tonight. All because I know that I'm quickly running out of time.

Closing is tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

bedroom ideas

My bedroom is small, the closet is small and I already store so much under my bed in random plastic bins so I am dreaming of the Pottery Barn Stratton bed w/drawers. I would get it in white and also get the coordinating Montgomery headboard, leaving the upholstery in the natural linen. For end tables, twin bombe chests in black. Large enough for lamps and books and water glasses and with nice-sized drawers for even more storage.
On top, glass lamps with white drum shades.Yellow toile duvet with crisp white sheets (my favorite). I'm actually not 100% about yellow, but it is bright and cheery and would be a fun contrast to the walls.
Because the walls are painted in a coral-y pink color. Below are Behr Tango and Hot Pink. I think the Hot Pink is too dark, but perhaps there would be a good shade a few notches up the color strip?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

my house in OGB

I am in the process of buying a cute little mint green house in Old Greenbelt (OGB). OGB is an historic cooperative, originally built as part of FDR's New Deal and my house was built in 1942 as temporary housing for returning GIs. 67 years later, it's standing strong and ready for me to move in! Closing is on July 22nd and I still have to hire a moving company, get co-op and car insurance (will be buying a car after the move), change my address for everything, set up electric, etc. Lots of practical stuff to do and while I've done lots of internet researching, I have yet to call anyone about this and am easily distracted by crystal lamps and pretty blue walls.