Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I really feel like a homeowner now as I've even done my first household repairs.

1. The upstairs toilet was taking an extra-long time to fill when we checked at the final walk-thru so the GHI representative put in a work order while we were sitting at the conference table (love the co-op - plumbing is included!) Then Friday night it just didn't stop running. So I fiddled with it and it still didn't stop so I turned off the water. Minor, I know, but still.

2. The shower head was crazy old and the tension shower curtain rod wasn't installed and wouldn't collapse (and was worn-out and blue) so I picked up new ones at Target and installed them myself. And my shower head is low-flow with a button that will pause the stream without affecting temperature. Love it!

3. I got home tonight after working late. Was cranky, tired and hot so first thing I did was turn on the monster air conditioner in my bedroom. Which promptly blew the fuse. Weird as I'd had it on all weekend, but maybe it doesn't like being restarted. Found out that all the bedroom outlets and the hall light were affected by this so I flipped every switch until finally the one marked fridge was the golden ticket. Whew! I didn't even realize the fridge and microwave were also out! But I was so happy to figure it out on my own.

I think I'm going to do all right in my little house.

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