Monday, October 19, 2009

turquoise living room!

My niece loves hanging out in my turquoise living room and so do I! It's a really welcoming shade of blue and the more I live with it, the more I love it. Please disregard the unpainted baseboards. I ran out of steam. And, of course, she gravitated towards the worst section. The rest isn't as horrible.


I primed the walls and put down plastic everywhere. It kept slipping on the couch, but I managed to keep it paint-free. I wasn't as lucky in my car - I have no idea how I ended up with blue paint on my car door.

My brother-in-law came over and helped with the roller parts, which was huge. He did two coats in the time it took me to cut-in two walls.

When it was all painted, I was first like - wow, that's a LOT of blue! Especially with everything still covered in plastic, it was a lot to take in.

But then I removed the plastic and put my new slipcover on my couch and that really helped things along.

Here I'm decorated for my Labor Day party - all red, white and blue. I've since swapped out all the red for blues and greens, which is also a lot prettier and more me.

upstairs bathroom

I think I've figured out my upstairs bathroom. At the beach this summer, I decided that I should make it the same teal blue as the pool tiles at Amy's mom's complex. Back home, I realized that it would be much too dark and I settled on Freshaire Midwest Spring. It's a lovely shade of pool-water blue-ish green. Perfect.

And then this weekend, I found this shower curtain at Target:


It's crinkled polyester silk and looks like water. Reminiscent of Restoration Hardware's Silver Sage, which almost makes me not like it. But it's lovely and the right feel for my bathroom so yeah, I like it.

It's just a shade darker than the walls, which I like so it's not too matchy. The hem is a bit longer in the middle than the edges, but I don't really care about that and need to hem it about 1/2 an inch anyway so can fix it then. I've thought about raising the shower bar, but then that would take away some of the light from the window and I'm all about light.

I also got towels that match the walls perfectly, but the bathmat was actually a slightly darker shade so I'm going to return that and get a fluffy white one. I put down the one from my old apartment and love the white, but it's a bit too small and is quite dingy from years of use.

On the wall I think I'm going to hang my 2007 Bonnaroo poster. The background is black and I'm going to have it framed with a white mat and silver frame, which will be a nice contrast to all the pale aquas in this room.



I am always drawn to green rooms, especially light and lime green. I just saw this room on Apartment Therapy and I am in love. It's everything that I adore. A completely ridiculous color paired with very formal shapes and accessories. I mean, that couch! This room is heaven to me.