Monday, October 19, 2009

turquoise living room!

My niece loves hanging out in my turquoise living room and so do I! It's a really welcoming shade of blue and the more I live with it, the more I love it. Please disregard the unpainted baseboards. I ran out of steam. And, of course, she gravitated towards the worst section. The rest isn't as horrible.


I primed the walls and put down plastic everywhere. It kept slipping on the couch, but I managed to keep it paint-free. I wasn't as lucky in my car - I have no idea how I ended up with blue paint on my car door.

My brother-in-law came over and helped with the roller parts, which was huge. He did two coats in the time it took me to cut-in two walls.

When it was all painted, I was first like - wow, that's a LOT of blue! Especially with everything still covered in plastic, it was a lot to take in.

But then I removed the plastic and put my new slipcover on my couch and that really helped things along.

Here I'm decorated for my Labor Day party - all red, white and blue. I've since swapped out all the red for blues and greens, which is also a lot prettier and more me.

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