Wednesday, January 2, 2013

my New Year's resolution

No more white walls!

At least not for inspiration pictures. It's not like I'm trying to inspire anyone else. I don't blog much anymore and am just trying to slog through the remainder of my house (yes, slog is how I feel about this stage of decorating - the ideas aren't fresh anymore but I still like them so I just need to apply myself to geterdone. I hate applying myself).

I am drawn to white walls. They're so pretty in all those magazines and blogs and Pinterest.

Look at how all the pretty accessories pop! All the pops of color!

And how it showcases the pretty rugs!

And random bits of art in a gallery wall!

But wait - I don't like the term "pop of color."

And I don't really like having rugs (not to mention not having room for a vacuum cleaner).

And I kinda hate it when rooms look like someone stamped pieces of color all over the place.

Even when it's done by Miles Redd

(yeah, those are striped walls, but they read white!)

Or Kathryn M. Ireland

Or even Jonathan Adler

And in my own house, I like having a flow of color from the walls to the furniture to the floor (brown wood IS a color).

And the light doesn't stream in except for one hour in the morning (when I'm usually not home)

and then it's more dappled as it peers through all of the trees. Definitely doesn't make everything glow so white walls in my house would end up looking more like this sad room:

I mean, sure, my bedroom walls are still white and I don't hate them, but my bedroom is also the least decorated room in my house (besides my kitchen, which is completely undecorated). As soon as I gird myself for some more painting, my bedroom will no longer be white (though I'm no longer sure what color it will be).

The only exception is my powder room. My wallpapered ceiling is the perfect exception to not liking white walls in my house and I only discovered that because painting the walls would have been such a pain.

So unless there's another large graphic element in the room like tile halfway up the wall,

or a purposefully black & white kitchen (though the wood counters DO add some color!),

my resolution is to not save any more white-walled rooms in my inspiration files or on Pinterest. It will be all color,

all the time,


and anywhere.


And not just bold colors!

Oh, no.

I like them soft, too

And pretty

And even neutral.

Just not white.

Not for me.