Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I am such a procrastinator. I've always known this and as an adult, have tried to overcome it. But getting ready for work, I give myself 1-2 hours. 1/2 an hour to dress and the rest to procrastinate.

I've been trying to pack my apartment for about 2 weeks and feel like I've barely made a dent. Sunday I packed 7 boxes in between naps and TV movies. Yesterday morning and evening I struggled to get one kitchen box packed. This morning, I bounced out of bed at 6:30, fired off a long email to my sister, packed two kitchen boxes (they take longer), tore apart a stack of magazines (to avoid newsprint smudges on clean stuff) and washed a sinkful of glassware that I want clean for the move. And it's only 8am. I'm sure I'll be even more productive tonight. All because I know that I'm quickly running out of time.

Closing is tomorrow!

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