Thursday, July 30, 2009

things that go through my head as I dress in the morning

As I was packing up my apartment, I was reminded yet again that I wear very little out of my wardrobe. My closet was larger than most and so I stuffed all sorts of things in there. Camisoles, t-shirts that were on their way to the pajama pile, in-between season items for when it starts to get cooler (you know, in 4 months), old bridesmaid dresses. Much of this I did pack up and will put in the attic or at least the spare bedroom, but there's still a heck of a lot in my new closet. So I've decided to try to wear everything currently in my closet and if I keep putting something back, then it's going to be donated.

This morning I put on my 2nd favorite pair of black pants, a black cap-sleeve sweater and a white cropped 3/4 sleeve cardigan. The cardi has never been worn. I bought it thinking it would be a good thing over little dresses, but it's just too white. But it hits right at my waist and so with all black underneath, kinda makes me look a bit thinner. Or maybe that's what I'm hoping it does. Anyway, so then I needed accessories. And I saw the turquoise tulle flower that I bought to wear in my hair at Laura's wedding. It also has a pin so I decided to stick it on me. And it was pretty cute!

I was a little concerned that I looked like Carrie Bradshaw circa early Sex and the City...

but then I decided I looked more like Michelle Obama in Rome and so I left the house.

I’m still not 100% about this outfit (even though I’ve already received a compliment), but hey, I’m dressed and am using more of my closet!

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