Monday, August 3, 2009


I really like the light in my house. At night, there's a streetlight in the middle of my court that looks like the moon through my curtains. In my bedroom, another streetlight casts shadows from the trees on the wall. The morning light comes through my bathroom window and lets me see if I've put on too much blush. And downstairs gets such a nice glow, even when the shades are down.

This was one of my biggest concerns about my house. My Adams Morgan apartment had huge windows and let in all of the beautiful afternoon sun. Some of my favorite times in that place were weekend afternoons when I would take a nap with the sun streaming in. It made me feel like I was on vacation. My new little house has standard sized windows, is a middle unit and just never feels all that sunny. But I really think the quality of the light is better, especially in the morning and evening, which is when I'm home the most.

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