Friday, August 14, 2009

powder room ideas

The 1st floor powder/laundry room was only built out in the Spring, right before the old owner put the house on the market. So it's all bright and new and shiny - and WHITE. Walls are white, fixtures are white, washer/dryer is white. The floors are a very nice fake wood so that breaks it up a bit, but still.

So I'm going to paint the walls navy. And the ceiling.

I'm really excited about this - I see small rooms painted dark colors all the time in magazines and design houses and blogs and now I get to try it out myself.

I think the navy will look very crisp against all of the white and will make the room cozy and warm.

And I definitely want to do the ceiling. Dark walls with white ceilings make me feel like the room's underwear is showing.

I actually convinced my mother to paint her dining room ceiling the same sage green as the walls and it's just gorgeous. You forget just how small and awkward the room is because the color is unbroken.

Though I do plan on leaving the molding white, which hopefully will give the room the same feel as this brown and cream one.

Then I'll add some shelves above the toilet and put overflow vases and platters up there for decoration and storage. It's all about finding extra storage in this house!

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