Monday, August 3, 2009

living room ideas

Walls: Bright, clear, dark sky blue. The color of a perfect summer sky.

Floor: rug in sisal, jute or pale wool.
At first, I was very anti-rug. But I like to slide my coffee table closer and further away from the couch and want to protect my floors. I will probably have two rugs - one in the living area and one in the dining area.

Couch: slipcovered in natural or white. Ideally I’d get something new and a little higher than my current couch, even though I am attached to it for sentimental reasons. But I don't want to get just anything so a slipcover will do for now.

Accent chairs: Current is a wicker armchair, but it’s a bit too large. I’d like to get two matching chairs that are a bit smaller. Recliners would be awesome as then they’d be good for when I have guests over to watch TV, but the overall scale would have to be on the small side.
(no picture - need to research this more)

Dining table: I assembled my old Ikea unfinished dining table and there’s plenty of room for it. Like I could also have a corner cabinet and there’d still be plenty of room. But I don’t know if I should get a corner cabinet or if I should get a larger dining table. I do know I need to wait a bit until I decide if I am getting different accent chairs or a different couch or both. I do like the idea of a drop-leaf table, like the Pottery Barn Shayne table in white with stained wood chairs:

Or the Crate and Barrel Trestle in dark wood, maybe with gray wicker chairs:
Of course, that would be if I didn’t have my current wicker chair in the living room. Otherwise it would be just too much wicker.

While I wait, I think I’m going to get some cheap chairs from Ikea and stain those and the table the same brown.

Sideboard: something large, wood and a bit rugged. I definitely want enclosed doors so I don’t have to worry about making sure my platters and such are attractively arranged. I want to be able to just stuff it all in and keep it dust-free.

TV stand: more of a dining room buffet, but with sliding doors so I can keep them open without worrying about someone running into it. I’m not really sure if I want something with glass doors or solid. Probably glass to balance the sideboard since they’re kinda along the same wall.
Art: My mom is giving me one of her antique quilts – it was made by a great-aunt or great-grandmother or some other great-ancestor. If I’m remembering correctly, it’s a gorgeous quilt made out of silks in blues and purples. I am going to hang it behind the TV to help make the focal point of that nook not the TV itself and to add a different type of art to the room.

Behind the couch, I am going to do a gallery wall. I have four paintings by my grandfather that I just love and in previous places have scattered them throughout. But this time, I am going to buy a mirror to center above the couch and then cluster the paintings around it. Will also add one or two of my assorted decorative salad plates, maybe a smaller painting or framed photograph, maybe a vase on a very small shelf. But it will be something that will grow with time and eventually take over the entire wall.

I might add another mirror to the dining area wall that faces the windows. It will help reflect the light and the view and expand the space. And I love mirrors. I don't like overly ornate frames around pictures, but I adore them around mirrors. It might be mirror-overkill since the space isn't that large to begin with, but I do think I'll at least try it.


Henry said...

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Debbie said...

thanks! I'll check it out.