Thursday, March 31, 2011

lavender love

Lavender has been on my brain A LOT lately. Case in point: I'm sitting here in a lavender sweater and highlighting budgets in lavender. Time to take a "coffee break" and post some pictures.

I have loved this picture forever.  Think it was one of the first pictures I saved in my "Rooms I Love" folder, back before I was blogging, which is why I have no clue where it came from.  Can anyone help me out?

I also think it's where I first got the inspiration to do the turquoise walls, though I went much darker.

But I love the Easter egg colors.  The turquoise walls, the coral curtains, the blue-patterned chair in the foreground, the green peeking in from the other room - and the lavender chairs.  I really think they make the room. 

I've also always loved this chair from Horchow.  I picture it paired with olive green leather and possibly some dark turquoise.  And lots of gold accents, which is another of my favorite things right now (and that I don't have enough of).

Then this bench from Crate and Barrel caught my eye a while ago and I keep picturing it pulled up to my dining table
I recently bought some fabric samples from and one was lavender velvet.  I currently have it next to some light avocado-y greens and it's just so very lovely.  I think I need to add some lavender to my living room.  Maybe I'll recover the wicker chair's cushion in lavender velvet.  Add a lavender throw pillow to the orange chair once I make it green.  I think it'll be pretty.

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Allie (Wardrobe Oxygen) said...

LOVE greens with purples, especially an avocado color with lavender. I always think in like 6th grade I got a purple sweater and purple print midi skirt from JC Penney and Mommy told me to wear green beads with it because they are opposite colors on the wheel.