Friday, March 11, 2011

inspired by LL Bean

I love LL Bean's Home collection.  Part of it comes from spending summers in Maine growing up where I would dream of having my own cottage with their blueberry stoneware and lots of Mission furniture.

How did I not realize that interior design was my calling?  I have so many similar stories...

And I still get excited when the new catalog shows up in my mailbox and I feel like the latest one was particularly good.  Something about it all just seemed so fresh - and refreshing.  Is it because I'm getting into a summer state of mind?  But these are the items that I thought could work in real life. 

This lamp comes in black and cream.  I like both, but I picked the black because it's a little different.  I picture it in a white and neutral-based room as a little jolt of darkness.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I was thinking about this pillow the other day.  I did end up buying two of them and will report back on how they look!

At first, I didn't get this wreath.  Think the blue bow threw me off.  But it's made out of actual sea glass.  How cool is that?  One can always replace the ribbon.

These nesting tables are charmingly rustic.  I'm thinking in a room with a lot of glitz and gilt.  Or, you know, my imaginary Maine cottage.

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Allie (Wardrobe Oxygen) said...

A sea glass wreath? I WANT!

And those pillows are fab!