Tuesday, March 15, 2011

more pretty fabrics

Initially I was looking at fabrics thinking of something that would be nice for my wicker chair.  Currently the cushion is a taupe-y linen, which is perfectly nice and neutral.  But I like color and patterns, you know?  Especially in my house.  Maybe if I lived somewhere bigger that had gorgeous light streaming in all day long I could go with whites and neutrals.  But I live in a tiny little house that's almost always shaded by big, gorgeous trees.  So I go with color.

But I didn't find anything that made me say "Yes!" so instead here are just a few pretty fabrics that I have no use for in my current house.  All are from Robert Allen, who is to-the-trade, so again, this is all about dreaming.

This one is called Aged Decadence.  I LOVE that name.  I'd want to use it even if I didn't like the mustardy yellow and rough textures of this fabric.

I've dreamed about this fabric before, but in the lighter colorway.  This umber version is what caught my eye today.

This one is called Celestine and it perfectly embodies one of my fave Kirsty Maccoll songs.  Listen and see if you don't agree!

And am I crazy but would the above three fabrics be really cool together in a room?  I like it!

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Allie (Wardrobe Oxygen) said...

I can totally see all three together, and I would want to drink white wine in that room and listen to Kirsty MacColl