Wednesday, February 23, 2011

orange is getting to me

I've never been a big orange person.  I mean, I like bright colors and I have often bought orange clothing items, but I've made a pretty conscious effort to not buy anything orange for my house.  I think the only orange things I have are my Le Creusets and that doesn't count.  Flame is classic here.  It's like not allowing an Hermes box into your house (not that I can afford Hermes or anything). 

I did buy an orange duvet last year and while I had to talk myself into it, I did really like it. 

The main reason I don't use it anymore is because I've given up on duvets altogether, not because I stopped liking it.

And, of course, there's my Salvation Army chair -

though I plan on recovering that.  You know, someday.

But lately, I've been drawn to orange.  I almost bought an orange water bottle for use at work.  My excuse was that my company's color is orange, but really I just liked the color. 

My eye was drawn to the orange options in a Sally Hansen ad for their new nail polish stickers.

I mean, look at all the fun patterns!  The different shades of pink!  And I go for the orange?  Who am I?

I keep getting distracted at stores by orange housewares items.  Plates, pillows, ribbon, that sort of thing.  But I just need to remember that it doesn't really have a place in my house.  I don't like turquoise and orange together.  My bedroom is now all lovely in gray and pink.  My spare room is mint green.  My powder room is grassy green with gray and turquoise accents.  My kitchen cabinets are already quite orange so it would be overkill to add more orange in there.

Guess I'll just have to satisfy my orange craving with nail color and clothing choices.  At least it is the hot color this season!


Allie (Wardrobe Oxygen) said...

I fell off the orange train but I am back on it. I am super duper craving that reddish orange blood orange/chinese red color these days (AGAIN) and want tons of clothes in it. BUt for the home, my bathroom will tide me over for quite a while.

lisaray said...

Orange is one of my favorite color. It is a combination of red & yellow. It is vibrant & energetic color.
It is associated with joy, sunshine, celebration, comfort, and enjoyment.