Tuesday, April 13, 2010

summer bedding

I needed to change my sheets this past Sunday and didn't feel like doing laundry so that ruled out the brown sheets currently on my bed, and my yellow ones are also dirty, so I pulled out my white ones.  I haven't used white sheets in forever.  Definitely not since I moved and possibly not since 2008.  I used to be a 100% white sheet girl.  I had three sets because I hated going down to the basement to do laundry so would let it pile up.  It was great.  Crisp, cool, white sheets year-round - ahhhh, heaven.  But I've been so used to the warm coziness of my brown sheets and really wasn't a fan when I tried out my yellow last month - could I go back to white?

I try really hard to not turn on my air conditioner until Memorial Day and I figured I wouldn't change my bedroom color pattern until then as well, but with the recent warm nights, I would end up tossing my duvet on the floor anyway and with my new Liberty pillows, I decided I was ready for my summer bedroom 6 weeks early.

And I love it!  It's like pretty pink candy. 

I'm also in love with crisp white sheets all over again.  It's been a bit cool the past two nights so I do have my afghan underneath the coverlet, but the duvet has remained off the bed.  I do need to get a new set of sheets - the ones I have left are years old and I used to use bleach so there are a few thin patches that are *this close* to becoming holes.  I find that Ross and Marshalls are great places for white sheets - you can get high thread count for a low price.  It can be frustrating when you're looking for a specific color or pattern, but basic white is usually a sure bet.  And hey, if they happen to have a pretty spriggy floral in 100% cotton, well, I'm not opposed to that either.  But definitely at least one set of all white. 

Now I'm all ready for summer!  Bring on the heat!


Allie said...

I cleaned up the attic this weekend and found my gray super luxe sateen sheets I bought back when we lived in Annapolis and I had that whole gray and white room going on. They match the new bedroom and are a quick fix until we find THE ONE to replace the winter flannel. I forgot how lovely super high thread count sateen sheets can be...

Debbie said...

those ARE really nice sheets! I loved using them when I spent the night at your house. Very cozy.