Thursday, December 9, 2010

this weekend...

This weekend I will reorganize my kitchen.  This may or may not involve a trip to Home Depot to buy slide-out shelves for my lower cabinets that tend to be The Place Where Things Go To Die.  Seriously - I thought I lost a potholder, bought a new one, then found the lost one when I pulled out a pitcher for my holiday happy hour.  Not to mention that I had my big stainless steel mixing bowl perched precariously on top of said pitcher and somehow the potholder ended up underneath it.  Huh? 

And this is just the tiny cabinet next to the stove.  The one over on the right (where I store my fry pans, saucepans, muffin tins, cake pans, stock pots and collanders), well, lately I've just tossed items in there and hope the doors will stay shut.  It's a mess and makes me cranky.  Luckily I can remember what's in there because just opening the doors wouldn't help out a stranger in my kitchen. 

And then above my cabinets is very useful for storing even more crap, but it's incredibly unattractive.  Lately I've been dreaming about rigging a curtain up there to hide everything.  And I'm definitely not ruling that out, though I think it might look goofy.

I feel the need to just pull everything out and reorganize. Maybe I should keep useful items in the little cabinet above the oven and put those once-a-year items in the scary cabinet on the right. Maybe it's time to take down the white board and put up more shelves. Or hang a pot rack. Or a real cabinet so things won't get dusty. Though that last one might be beyond what I can accomplish this weekend.

But I can at least reorganize and get things in tidy piles again.

Note to my sister: the quesadilla maker will be moing on.  I loved it so much when you gave it to me and got a lot of use out of it, but haven't used it in several years.  George Foreman and the cocktail shaker I've never used are also hitting the bricks so it's nothing personal.

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Allie said...

Not offended at all - if you Freecycle it, people will be CLAMORING for it. Quesadillas are hawt!