Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The M Project

So last night, one of the women I play mah jongg with asked me for help with what color to paint her house.  She just moved in with her boyfriend and is eager to make the house their home.  They're so cute together, I just love it.

We talked about going with colors that look well on you (she's a beautiful Winter - dark hair and pale skin with just a hint of olive to it with big, welcoming features so jewel tones, like royal blue, jade green, magenta, purple would all be great), or with ones that don't but that make you ridiculously happy (for her, this could be something like orange).  We talked about why I hate accent walls and that I'm anti-wallpaper borders but pro-wallpaper.  I gave her the name of a few blogs to check out and told her to start collecting pictures of rooms she likes.

I haven't seen her house, but she said that it's a townhouse and the living room is pretty open to the rest of the house so if she were to paint all walls, she'd have to also paint the stairway and a hallway or two.  And that she's planning on moving in a year or two.  Both of which made me realize that a bold color would not be right.  But maybe something like a pretty gray?  Not too dark so she wouldn't necessarily have to repaint to get it ready to sell, but not so light that it's an afterthought.  And it would be a great neutral for jewel toned pillows and art.

So I decided to put together a bunch of images that get across what's going on in my head and am going to put them in a series of posts so they're easy to send.  And thus begins the M Project!

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