Friday, December 10, 2010

turquoise everywhere!

Well, everywhere in the December issue of Lonny.  Three separate houses all had turquoise living rooms and they are all gorgeous. 

Lulu Power's living room is very close to the color of mine:

Eileen Kathryn Boyd's is what I originally had in my head - lots and lots of white and a good sprinkling of grass green:

But I think Angele Parlange's is what I actually need to do.  Lately I've been really drawn to the colors in the antique quilt, the taupes and dark purples.  Plus it would be a lot easier to blend in the furniture I already have as well as Salvation Army pieces.  And isn't this just so cozy yet elegant?   I love it!

The article on her house made me want to gather up all the unused portraits in my mom's basement and hang them up everywhere.  Even the scary and unattractive ones.

Pantone declared turquoise the color of 2010, but I haven't seen it used so much until now.  Guess it took a full year for everyone to catch up?  Though I would like to point out that I painted my living room turquoise way back in 2009.

2011's color is honeysuckle, an orange-y pink that is very bright and happy.  Andvery similar to the accents in Angele Parlange's living room.  Hmmmmmm - think I may be on to something!

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