Monday, December 20, 2010

my sister's Christmas tree

I love my sister's Christmas tree.  She just put it up this weekend and it's so very pretty.  She put pictures up on her blog, but I think this tree needs to be spread across the internet even more - it's definitely the best one I've seen.

I think my favorite part is the shape of the tree itself.  They went with a fir instead of spruce and it just has a more natural tree shape.  More like something you'd find in real life instead of on a Christmas tree farm.

Alison and I picked our holiday colors years and years ago.  She is blue and silver, I'm red and gold.  As we started collecting our tree decorations, we both mostly kept to these colors and it makes for a coordinated, but not overly perfect tree.  On her tree, there are different shades of blue, brushed and polished silver, and coordinating colors of lime and purple.  It makes for a nice base so the childhood, handmade and gift ornaments stand out - not like sore thumbs, but like special additions.  It's a tree with a giving heart that can accomodate the new and the old, the pretty and the tacky.

These shortest days of the year need extra sparkle.  Putting up lights, shiny ornaments, garlands and trees add a different energy to your house and make everything just a little bit magical. 

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Allie said...

Awww thanks! I do love my tree and it's getting blingier by the year. But I think it's how I roll... K is patient and deals ;)