Wednesday, December 1, 2010

mantel replacement

I'm currently obsessed with this picture:

Not because of the lovely red chairs that My Notting Hill pointed out, but because of the mirror and console table in the back.  At first glance, the set-up almost looks like a mantel, doesn't it?  The twin lamps and other items on the console help with this.

There are all these lovely posts in the blogosphere about how to decorate your mantel for the holidays.  And, of course, there are such posts year-round.  And they're all so lovely, but I don't have a mantel.  I would totally do one without the actual fireplace if I had the room, but I don't.  GHI homes aren't big on the space-thing, you know?

But my goal is to have a console table as my TV stand, right?  And the antique quilt above is very mantle-art-ish, right?  So I can totally just pretend that my TV stand is a mantel.  Totally.

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