Thursday, December 16, 2010

The M Project: couch options

I did some searching for a good sectional and found these options:

I like this couch a lot.  I like the boxiness of it and it's really comfortable.  I've sat on it in the stores and it's cushy, but not overly huge.  The seat is high enough so you can sit and stand easily and it's not too deep. 

I would pick either this great red or charcoal velvet.  The red is bright and fun and would be a great splash of color.  I also think that red can be used as a neutral.  But with the charcoal, then the walls could be painted a pretty blue and the curtains could be a mix of grays, blues and plums... 

This is actually the same as the Pottery Barn Square.  Since we have a Mitchell Gold store here on 14th St, it basically comes down to which one is cheaper.  When I went to MG, they had so many fabric options. 

Obviously we wouldn't get this exact set-up!  The arms on this couch are a little more graceful, though I think the cushions are a little deeper than I normally like.  Of course, maybe M & J love a deep couch?

This couch is great.  It's not too big, it's square but not as boxy as the first two.  The only problem is that it's only available to the trade - and I'm not trade.  But many designers are happy to help out with to-the-trade purchases.

These arms are even more streamlined and the legs are a little longer.  Showing furniture's legs can be good to keep a room airy, but if you have too many legs in a room, it just seems like it's all going to run away.  I think M's living room could handle a couch with or without visible legs.

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