Friday, January 14, 2011

pink couches

I have wanted a pink couch for forever.  Well, at least 5 years.  Basically ever since I first imagined one.  You get the idea.

But they don't exist.  At least not in real life.  Sure, you can find them once in a while in design magazine or on a blog somewhere, but not even Ballard Designs carries a pink fabric for COM so forget about somewhere as transitional as Mitchell Gold (their selection is overwhelmingly beige).  Heaven forbid Pottery Barn carry pink!  Now, Room & Board does carry a pink couch, but I'm not sure about the style.

It's not bad AT ALL, but is it me?  That's what I'm questioning.  I do like the idea of a tuxedo or otherwise squared off couch, but it's a little lighter (at least on my screen) than I have in my head.  Plus it's only offered in 96" or 75" and I was hoping for something 80-85"-ish.  Perhaps I need to make another trip down to 14th St.
So I'd have to go custom, but I can't afford custom.  As the fabulous Annie from Bossy Color points out, reupholstery is expensive.  If I found a dream couch for $50 at Salvation Army, maybe.  But whenever I'm there, their selection is overstuffed and lumpy.  Much easier to find a sleek little chair than a pretty couch (that is also not too low or too deep).

I do see a pink rainbow on the horizon, though.  Since honeysuckle is this year's color and everyone's gaga over it, maybe mass retailers will wake up and start offering pink couches?  Ooooh - or maybe some cool pink print curtains?  Supposedly those are back in style, too and I loooove them.  In the meantime, I'll just gaze at these lovely couches and keep dreaming.

Those last two shots are SO not my style, but I love the statement of the pink against the modern white and the green painting that you can see better in the second picture whose placement makes it seem almost like a window.  Isn't it all just fab?  It's pink without even a drop of sweet.


Christina said...

I found a pink couch at a little antique shop in Poolesville, MD. I think it might be just what you're looking for. I have a picture but I don't know how to attach it to a coment and I didn't find your email on your blog. Oh and the best part is the price is $400. Let me know if you'd like the details.

BTW...I follow Allie's blog and followed a link to your blog and am loving your decorating ideas!!

Debbie said...

Hi! So glad you like my blog!

I so shouldn't, but I really would love details about that couch. Reach me at thanks!

Allie (Wardrobe Oxygen) said...

Hi Christina! :)

Also you could get Carolyn on this for you. She will seek out a couch on CL or estate auctions that have great bones. It's her dream job, to be a picker.

BTW my captcha is "somany" which I think is a sign for the future of pink couches!