Friday, January 14, 2011

new stuff at Target

I went to Target last night to pick up a new hairdryer and some toothpaste.  But instead of turning right and going straight to the drugstore section, I went straight, which took me into the homegoods section.  Bad Debbie.  But I'm kinda glad I did because there's SO much good new stuff!  I'm super excited.  And I only bought one pillow.  Well, out of the new stuff...

They have these huge, gorgeous lamps.  I ALMOST bought the beet juice one for my spare room (it's more pink than it is here), but stopped myself.  I already have two lamp bases for that room, I don't need another.  I texted my sister a picture of the blue one because it's pretty close to what she wants for her living room and is only $40!  It was darker in the store.  I didn't see the green one in my local store, but I could have missed it.  Though it's so pretty I doubt I would have passed it by.

I also really liked the idea of this LED candle/vase combination, but as I couldn't immediately think of a place to put it, it stayed on the shelf.

There was lots of Smith and Hawken faux greenery.  So pretty and I love that they wouldn't die on me!  Someday I hope to have a green thumb, but I definitely don't have one now.

None of these items are available online and I couldn't even find a picture of the yellow pillow I bought, but I imagine they will be soon.  Until then, check out your local store!


Allie (Wardrobe Oxygen) said...

I prefer the green one for the living room! Would it clash?

Debbie said...

I kind of think it would clash. Normally I'm very pro mixing greens, but you don't have a lot of green in that room, just the curtains. But then maybe it's not as blue-based in person?