Thursday, January 27, 2011

pretty pantries!

Not for me, but for my friend, Shelly.  She's the one who helped (read: did basically by herself) wallpaper my powder room.  She's planning on turning an extra closet in her dining room into a pantry, which I think is a fabulous idea - mainly because I would LOVE to have a pantry of my own!

In my shelter blog browsing today, I saw two different pantries that I wanted to pass along to Shelly.  And since I haven't posted here in a while, I decided to make a blog post instead of just emailing them to her.

First up was the pantry of House of Smiths that I found by way of her guest post at Centsational Girl.  How great is this gray and white pattern?  And it's not wallpaper or even stencil - it's vinyl cut-outs.  So clever!

Now, Shelly is a wiz at all things crafty and I can see her doing the stencil version of this, but maybe she wants something a little cheaper and easier. 

And then, browsing through Brooklyn Limestone, I saw The Stories of A to Z's reorganized pantry (and she was inspired by House of Smith's pantry, too!):

Love the bright color in the back. What a fun place for a color that really makes you smile but would be too intense somewhere else! Something bright and happy to greet you when you go to grab a box of pasta.

Shelly - getting any good ideas?  You know I'm up for helping you with this!

I love guest blog posts because they lead me in such fun directions!

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Allie (Wardrobe Oxygen) said...

I have always thought how my pantry could be hot pink, it owuld compliment the plum so nicely and it's a color I would never use anywhere else. I LOVE the gray and white pantry!