Monday, January 17, 2011

The M Project: finding inspiration from other bloggers

I love Good Bones Great Pieces.  They have a fresh take on all of the current design trends and a way of making what could be trendy timeless.  I also love that every so often they'll throw in something on fashion or entertaining, but still keep the focus on design.  The combination is great for providing inspiration.

And they just did a post that relates so much to the M Project - what to do with a big, black leather couch.  They were asked for advice on how to recover two chairs to go with as well as detract from the couch.  M & J don't have existing chairs, but are open to the idea of getting a new chair or two so this could be good inspiration for them.

I really like GBGP's second option for my project:

Since they don't have chairs to recover, I went to La-Z-Boy to see if I could find something there.  J likes his current reclining chair, but it's just too big for the space.  I want something a little sleek, but still super comfortable.  The Riley fits the bill nicely.  There are over 1,000 fabrics available (including some really great prints), but keeping with GBGP's idea, I went with Linato/C949462.

It's a nice taupe that should blend nicely with the black couch and also with the blue/gray they're thinking about for the walls. It's a shade that would go with a lot of different options for their future house and also be easy to decorate around for their current one.  Plus it will look nice with the trunk coffee table.

Hmmmm - I'm starting to see pillows dancing in my head...

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