Friday, August 27, 2010

couches, low furniture and other random musings

The other night I stopped off at Macy's on my way home.  My best friend's newborn's baptism is on Sunday and while I think I have the right dress for it, I needed a few accessories.  The mall closest to me is old and poorly set up so instead of parking in the front and wandering throughout, I drove around to the back so I could park right next to the entrance to Macy's, which put me at the basement.  Which means that as I went to the escalator to take me up to the women's department, I passed the furniture department.  Which meant couches!

I had found the Chloe Metro couch online a while ago.  Probably before I even bought my house.  I frequently scour the internet looking for new and different items and I vaguely remember someone talking favorably about Macy's furniture on a Washington Post chat.  So that's probably what prompted that search.

It's a very pretty couch - feminine, tufted but with streamlined arms.  Very much a "me" couch.  Even better? It's only $900. Right now it's on sale for $700. Can't beat that with a bat.

And I've had it in my head that maybe this is the year I finally get a new couch and get rid of the one that was my dad's from the 1960's.  I know he bought it from a department store, but I can't remember which one.  It was moderately priced so very well could have been Macy's.

So I took the time to do a sit test on the Chloe.  It's a nice couch.  The velvet is soft and it's actually polyester so I imagine would be not horrible to spot-clean.  It's a pretty shade of cream and seems long enough to curl up on for a nap (I was in a dress so didn't fully stretch out.  Though I so would).  And the cushions are comfortable enough for napping. 

But it's low.  Too low for me.  My knees went up above my thighs when I sat down on the couch and I kinda had to haul myself out of it.  Not terribly graceful, especially since I was in a dress.  And when I entertain, I do usually wear a dress and like to at least pretend I'm graceful.  I might look graceful sitting on this couch with my ankles demurely crossed, but I sure won't when I practically fall into the couch.  You know?  And then I'm 5'5".  My legs are a little long for my height, but not ridiculously so.  What happens when I have taller guests?

I'm crossing this couch off my list.  A little sad about that as it's such a pretty couch and such a great deal.  If you aren't as anti-low furniture as I am, you should definitely check it out.  And send me a picture if you buy it!


Allie said...

Can't beat that with a bat! Hah! :)

Debbie said...

I totally wrote that for you!