Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Laura came up from Williamsburg a few weekends ago to visit. We went to brunch at Lori's and then out in Annpolis with a large group and then Laura crashed on my couch. She brought muffins and Lori had sent us home with leftover quiche and fruit. I had two eggs, some potatoes and an onion in the fridge so we had brunch! I had opened a bottle of wine on Friday so we finished that off with our meal. Why is it that champagne or bloody marys are perfectly acceptable alcohols at brunch but wine just seems wrong? But hey, it tasted pretty good to us!

The plates are from the same set as the blue plate hanging on my gallery wall. This shot also shows how well-worn my coffee table is. The first year I had it, I used it unfinished. Then I stained it without doing any extensive sandings so all sorts of markings show through. Eventually I plan on doing something to this table to update it for my new apartment. Maybe a coat of paint. Maybe antique-ing of some sort. Still thinking about it.

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