Thursday, January 21, 2010


I finally bought a lightbulb for the lamp on the other side of my bed last night. The old one died and while I believe I still have some regular lightbulbs somewhere in the house, I really wanted a CFL one with a lowish wattage.

So last night in Target, I actually remembered to pick one up! 40W equivalent, which is perfect. I used to think that my lamp was too high, but I've since realized that I just had too high of wattage. In my old apartment, I had really high ceilings and it was a studio so my bedside lamp helped provide light for the whole apartment. In my house, my bed has its very own room with an overhead light so bedside lamps can be task-specific.

Kind of a revelation.

It didn't bother me that my bedside lamp was too bright in my studio - I just read with my back to the lamp. And until I started moving things around in my bedroom, I didn't realize how freaking awesome it is to be able to have items that don't multi-task.

My house is still pretty darn small so this isn't going to happen often, but when it does, I will luxuriate in it.

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