Saturday, July 2, 2011

Midnight in Paris

I just got home from a lovely evening with two of my girlfriends. The plan was dinner & a movie, but we were having a hard time picking a theater (coming from Maryland, DC and Virginia) and a restaurant. Then I was inspired - let's have a theme night and go to a French restaurant and then see Midnight in Paris!

It was perfect. We went to Bethesda, which is about 20 minutes from each of us, and while our first choice was all booked up, we found a not-too-bad substitute. Honestly, I wouldn't rush back to this place so I'm not going to mention its name, but it was perfect for our purposes.

Then, the movie.  I'd heard mixed reviews, but every one said that at minimum, it will make you want to rush off to Paris and that was good enough for me to see it. Well, I adored Paris and I adored the movie. My friend, Anne, said that it was delicious and that's just the perfect description. It was fun and witty and charming. At first I hated Rachel McAdams' character and all of her hangers-on, but about midway through I realized that it was important for me to hate them. And Owen Wilson was SUCH an improvement over Woody Allen as the protagonist. He was charming where Woody is often just slimey.

But you know what got me searching the internet tonight? The curtains in Rachel and Owen's hotel room. They were just freaking fabulous. Gold taffeta? silk? in the living room and purple and white floral toile in the bedroom. Man, why can't I find a picture of them anywhere? I did find this fuzzy black and white picture,which I THINK is the same room:

Just picture it all colored like the bed in this still:

It was even more purple in the film, which helped it from being too stuffy.  That the rest of the room was all in white and the cane bed also helped lighten things up.  It was matching fabrics and an old-fashioned print done in a thoroughly modern way. And the way they draped them open? So opulent. Loved, loved, loved it. I could never carry it off with my 8' ceilings and small rooms, but a girl can dream!

Or a girl could just go to Paris and stay at Le Bristol because they have these fabulous curtains in every room and suite.

I would not mind waking up to these beauties every day for a week. Or a long weekend. Or heck, one night while I spend the others at somehing much more in my budget. Anyone want to come with?

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