Thursday, July 7, 2011

feeling blue today

A coworker complimented me on my cobalt blue dress and I said that I just was feeling blue today.  Said with a big smile on my face because I don't wear blue when I'm unhappy - just the opposite.  Blue is a happy color to me - bright and optimistic.  How can you not be happy when gazing at a perfectly blue summer sky dotted with fluffy white clouds?
picture I took at Bonnaroo 2011

Or a crisp white cabinet filled with blue glass, china and pottery?
Scott Sanders from House Beautiful

Or how about a blue ceiling? Maybe porch, a childcare center or done up with wallpaper (you know how I love that)? Matching blue floors are pretty fab as well.
 no clue where I got any of these - can anyone help me out?

I love blue in kitchens and dining rooms. It tones down the fire-based nature of cooking and helps you slow down when eating to really savor your food.  But then it so easily can keep things lively enough that every day is a party.
no idea about these, either

What about you?  Do you find blue energizing or depressing? Do you prefer it dark? Light? More on the turquoise side of things? Or how about with a good dose of gray in it, like Wedgwood?
unknown, though is one of my favorite rooms ever
 Mary McDonald
Lonny Magazine

Personally, I like all of the variations.  With green, I much prefer grass or lime shades and have to be swayed for sage.  For red, it has to be clear and bright, not soft and weathered.  But give me as much blue as possible, in every shade and combination possible.  I'll take it all!

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Allie (Wardrobe Oxygen) said...

Oooh now I'm feeling blue! And like you, I am saying that with a smile!