Monday, November 22, 2010

wallpaper on the ceiling: step 2

Step 1 was deciding to do this crazy thing.

Step 2 was buying the paper.  I did that yesterday.

I went to my local decorating store - Will's Decorating.  I had been in here before and was a bit overwhelmed.   So much to look at and most of the in-stock product was very early 90's.  Not really inspiring.  But I remembered that they had TONS of wallpaper books so I figured I could order something even if I couldn't find what I wanted in stock.  Plus I wanted to see the colors in person - colors on your computer screen aren't necessarily accurate.  And it just seemed cozier than ordering online.

I was originally going to go Thursday as they're open until 8pm, but traffic was not on my side.  Then I was going to go Saturday, but The Lost Symbol had me captivated all morning and I had to get out to Annapolis to sit with a newborn in my arms all day long.  Couldn't miss that for wallpaper shopping! 

So I made sure to get over there as soon as they opened on Sunday.  I went to the wallpaper section and looked at the books on display.  One was promising - it was from York, Antonina Vella's La Dolce Vita collection and was open to this page:

Hmmm - that seems pretty modern, not frumpy early 90's ditsy floral.  Let's see what else is in there!

Yes, I think this might be THE book!  And totally a sign that it's the first one I came to.  Even better was their selection of green patterns.  I had pretty much decided that green was the direction to go with - I don't own the rug yet so I can't match any of the colors exactly, but I feel like green is one of those shades that don't have to match so much.

Anyway, here were my green possibilities:

Yeah, that second one?  Totally Imperial Trellis.  But it would so be wrong on my ceiling.  Too much white space.  The third one was a close second, but I thought it might be TOO grid-like, you know?  The first one would normally be my first choice, but the background (which isn't clear on my computer - glad I went in!) was cream and kind of looked like wrinkled paper - in a good way, but not MY way.

My final decision was the Edda in the green colorway:

How pretty is this!  The elongated paisley, the grassy green color combined with white, making it very crisp.  And it's busy without being cluttered.  So very me.

I thought about the yellow colorway:

But while I love yellow, I'm green.  And then I'm planning on hanging blue antique lusterware dishes and I don't really like blue with yellow unless there's a good dose of green or pink somewhere in there.  So green it is!  And I think it looks really nice with the rug.

The paper will be sent directly to my house and should arrive on Wednesday or Friday.  And then the plan is to put it up on Friday (assuming it arrives in time) and maybe I'll get the plates from my mom at Thanksgiving and have an almost-finished powder room by my holiday party!

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Allie said...

Oooh I hope it shows up Wednesday!