Wednesday, November 24, 2010

table centerpieces

I always drool over all the centerpieces displayed around Thanksgiving.  Tables full of flowers and twigs and leaves and mini pumpkins and votive candles.  So pretty!

But where does the food go?  And what do you do with all those extra plates when you sit down to eat?  Does the host then have to shuttle them all back to the kitchen?

At my mom's house, there's the platter for the turkey.  Bowls full of mashed potatoes, stuffing, butternut squash, pearl onions, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce.  Bowls full of food guests brought - this year it will be Brussels sprouts, a rice dish and a green salad.  A basket of Parker House rolls.  Butter dishes.  Wine and water glasses.  Seriously - no room even for the smallest floral arrangement.  It is not a buffet house or a put-a-little-on-everyone's-plate-in-the-kitchen house.  It's family style and it rocks.  I actually did a whole blog about Thanksgiving at my mom's house a few years ago.  Here are a few pictures showing the crowd at the table:

Then at my house, my dining table is so ridiculously small that as soon as you put one platter on it, there's barely any room left for the plates.  And it's all so squished that it becomes a sea of white instead of clear against pattern.  I should just hang ribbons from the ceiling fan instead of fretting over my lack of a centerpiece (oooh - good idea for Christmas Eve!).  But candles or flowers would block the folks on the ends from being able to get to the food. 

So maybe all those pretty centepieces are from houses with large dining rooms, wide tables and no sideboards.  My dream house will definitely be that way!

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