Friday, June 3, 2011

new idea for my TV stand!

I came across this photo from High Gloss magazine in Live Creating Yourself's blog and was totally inspired.

So inspired that I actually sketched out a little picture:

Picture it: a console table with a dresser or file cabinet underneath.  Enough of a gap between the two to fit my digital converter and DVD player.  Same TV on top.  Birdcage on the right.  A large vase on the left (I see these ALL the time at Marshall's and Ross).  Two gilt sconces on the wall flanking the quilt (these are probably the most confusing out of my squiggles). 

Right?  Right?

It combines everything I want in my TV stand.  I've long thought a console table would be great there, but then there's the question of how to hide the cords.  And then the converter and DVD player would have to sit on top which isn't terribly attractive.  And I never have enough storage and I suck at bringing my bills and such upstairs to file in their current spaces.  So having a file cabinet right there would solve the second problem - I can file immediately upon entering the house.  Touch everything only once, right?  Or if it were a dresser, then I'd have space for DVDs and table linens and all that crap.  Either way it's a winner.  And I feel like the console + cabinet combo would lighten up the nook a bit.  It wouldn't be all heavy with just a cabinet, but it wouldn't be all floaty with just a console.  The two would balance each other out.  And if the cabinet stuck out a bit more than the console, that's completely alright.  Possibly even preferred.

I loooooooooooove this idea.  And the best part is that I think I can pull it off on my budget!

Get the Parsons console from West Elm.  Probably in white, though I am drawn to the mirror.  And they've had a raffia wrapped one in the past which was crazy cool.  Maybe I could find that one on Craigslist or Ebay or something?
I used to think this console was too wide and I probably will hate it come Christmas time when I don't have a good spot to put up the tree, but I'll worry about that in December.  I need to decorate for the other 11 months of the year!

I'm having a harder time figuring out what goes underneath, but then I've been thinking about the console for almost two years now and the cabinet for maybe an hour.  But here are my ideas thus far:

As you can see in my sketch, my thought is for a wide cabinet with long hardware going across.  Ideally this hardware will be gold and be an open rectangle of sorts.  I kinda think the cabinet will be black, especially if I were to go with the raffia console, but I'm open to brown wood as well.  I do know that white would be wrong.  This is the grounding piece, after all.

I could get a regular old metal file cabinet from Staples and add some hardware to it or paint the existing gold.

Or then there's this one that already has gold hardware from Ballard Designs.  It's not exactly the right hardware, but I do still like it.  It's not overly girly or antique-ish.  It's still chunky.  And it comes in a rubbed black (that could be better than flat black) as well as brown.

I'm also open to getting a random cabinet cheaply at somewhere like Salvation Army and painting and replacing the hardware.  Or maybe this one from Ikea.  Take off the pulls, fill in the holes, give it a coat of paint and add the dream-rectangle pulls in the middle of the drawers. 
I might want the cabinet to be a bit wider, though, especially since the West Elm console isn't as chunky as the inspiration picture.  The console is 54" wide and this cabinet is 34.25".  It might end up feeling a bit skimpy.  It IS only $80.  Not the end of the world if it's only a temporary fix.  And it could always be repurposed elsewhere.  Wonder how goofy the notch at the bottom is in real life.  Hmmmmm.

I KNOW I've seen the cabinet in my sketch somewhere before but I just can't remember where.  I looked at all my usual furniture websites.  I could have sworn it was from Horchow but notsomuch.  Or at least it isn't available anymore.  I searched online but maybe I just don't know the right keywords.  Could have been another blogger's DIY project.

Has anyone seen a cabinet like this?  Do you remember where it was?  Or if you see it in the future, let me know!


Kristie at The said...

What a great idea! Decorating around the tv is such a pain, isn't it?

Allie (Wardrobe Oxygen) said...

I am liking this idea. However as soon as you showed it I thought of those metal art/tool cabinets with the long skinny drawers and i imagined lime green with the white parsons table. Something like this:

But then you get all into raffia and wood and IKEA and that too sounds awesome!

Debbie said...

I originally had thought about one of those carts, but I think I want deeper drawers.

I also realized that I need something a heck of a lot shorter than any of my examples in order to have space between the cabinet & table for my electronics.

JCF said...

how about the TV corner stand? thanks for sharing ideas