Friday, June 17, 2011

I want a bench

And it would go here, underneath Zephyr.

To make room for 14 people at Passover, I moved the small dresser upstairs to the spare bedroom.  I've always intended for it to go up there, I was just waiting until I found the right replacement. 

Well, now I'm loving not having a bulky piece of furniture as I enter the house.  I have a straight chair there for now because I do like it as a place to put my purse when I come home.  Plus if I got a real dresser to put there, it would be that much more difficult to make room for my next dinner party for 14. 

So my current brilliant idea is a bench.  Something with a bit of interest.  Maybe tufting?  Maybe nailhead trim?  Maybe a fun fabric?  It should be high enough to be a normal seat (sometimes benches are more footstools in height - not a fan) and just wide enough to fit along my dining table, possibly wide enough to fit three people (we'll stick the skinnies over there).  I also would not turn my nose up at a bit of storage space, though it's not necessary.

Now, I haven't measured any of these, but this is what's going on in my head.

Horchow's Peacock Bench on sale for only $878! (btw - that's sarcasm. Though I do adore the fabric. Hmmm - maybe when they have one of their near-weekly sales?)

Ballard Designs' Simone in Celeste taupe easy-care fabric $329 (much better)

Or maybe in Domino green $345 (would have to check the color against my curtains)

Crate & Barrel's Colette in lilac linen $599 (I've liked this one for a while)

Anyone see any others I should check out?

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Allie (Wardrobe Oxygen) said...

They aren't too hard to recover so you could get all DIY and find one on Craigslist...

I like the C&B one best though all are lovely.