Thursday, October 7, 2010

total convert

Check out the status of my closet
Notice anything different?  Like space on the bar?  Part of this is because my winter wardrobe is smaller than my summer wardrobe, but a good chunk is due to my new hangers!

I'm sure you all have heard of Huggable Hangers.  If not, they're very slim and velvet wrapped to keep clothes .  A lot of hangers are thick so clothes will stay on better, but then they take up all this extra space in your closet.

My sister used to work at Express and I inherited a lot of their hangers.  Other hangers came when I ordered stuff online and it came hung up.  Some of these hangers have rubber grippers on the ends that really help keep clothes on the hangers.  Then they have notches for tanks and camisoles.  Fabulous.  But then for Christmas a few years ago, my mom asked for some Huggable Hangers.  And I started mulling over the idea of getting some for myself.  My current hangers worked pretty well, but my closet often ends up squished and jammed. 

Then I saw some faux-Huggables at Marshall's.  20 for $12.99.  I bought a pack and used them in my spare bedroom closet for my out-of-season clothes.  I fit so many in!  The next time I was at Marshall's, I bought another pack, this time for my closet and the other night I started hanging thing up with them.

Check it out - three of my old hangers (my measuring tape was downstairs)

And in these pictures, you can see that in the same space, I can fit four, almost five of the new hangers!

How fabulous is this!  I need maybe one or two more packs before I can safely get rid of all of my old hangers.  I can't wait!

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Allie said...

Hrm, I may have to make the switch as well. My closet is quite the shambles these days.