Friday, October 22, 2010

things I need

1. a birdcage or a lantern

Something that's maybe a little rusty or rustic-y to hang from the plant hook in my ceiling in front of the antique quilt.  If you look closely in this picture, you can see the hook.  Or you can just believe me.

BTW - isn't the light hitting the bookcase lovely?  This picture was taken in the morning, maybe around 9am?

I got this idea when looking through a Pottery Barn catalog.  I am not above Pottery Barn and often their accessories are within my price range.

But this birdcage from ebay would be a heck of a lot better - and cheaper.  I just put in a bid, fingers crossed that I win it!  I think the color would be nice in my room, but if it isn't, I could paint it.  Or put it upstairs instead.  Maybe in the spare room in front of the windows?  Or in my bedroom in front of the windows?

My officemate looked at me like I was crazy as I pulled out my tape measure, opened it up to 21" and held it away to try to get a sense of the size of this jammy.  Ha!  He didn't want an explanation and I didn't offer one.  I don't think he'd understand anyway. :)

2. sconces to flank the quilt

I'm thinking something either brass and Federal-ish or kind of rustic to go with the birdcage/lantern.  But right now I have a really ugly and slightly crooked floor lamp, like those halogen lights everyone had (has?) in college, but it's incandscent, not halogen.  Buffet lamps would work but then I'd have to move my electronics to inside the bookcase.

3. something in lavender

I've been seeing bits of lavender all over the place lately, most recently in This Old House magazine.  There's a laundry room with a lavender library ladder.  Of course the picture isn't available online, but it's really freaking awesome.

4. to get back to work

I swear I had more items on this list, but then I forgot them all.  oh well.

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