Thursday, May 16, 2013

a fun fridge

I love the tumblr Fuck Your Noguchi Coffee Table and I agree with it so much.

Crooked song lyrics in a non-working fireplace? Hate.

Overuse of antlers? Spare me. (click here for full pictures - I'll spare you)

What kills me is that most of these pictures seem like they're done by people who are trying too hard. Their antlers are ironic, not that they actually like antlers. The art often seems like stuff to fill up space (or to look cute for your Apartment Therapy house tour like the fireplace above) rather than because they actually like it.

I'm not a big fan of blank walls that stay blank forever. But I'm also not a fan of stuff for stuff's sake. I get itchy when I see a bookcase that has more tchotchkes than books (why not a curio cabinet instead?).

Some stuff is cool. A coworker once did a painting to fill up his blank wall by copying his striped area rug. Something you didn't even notice at first, but when you did, it was fresh and fun, not twee. And this was years before blogs so definitely his own idea.

And some stuff that FYNCT hates I love. Like this "fun fridge."

I mean, are you kidding me? My favorite David Hicks pattern on a fridge? And all the honeycomb lines line up? I want this. Bad.

My fridge works just fine. But it's white and I have it covered in magnets, which I kind of hate. But I have white walls in there and no real desire to paint them (I actually like white walls in a kitchen) so I think a white fridge would just be too boring.

Hmmm - removable wallpaper stuff is supposedly like contact paper. And Spoonflower lets you create your own design. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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