Tuesday, December 20, 2011

all I want for Christmas...

Dear Santa,

I've been very good this year. Swear. So if you could just drop off this white leather Chesterfield sectional, I'd be forever grateful. It's only $11,400. That's not too much, right? It IS leather.

However, if you don't agree that I've been $11,400-good, you'll definitely agree that I've been $4,500-good so this pink velvet sectional would be equally welcome. I'll even repaint my walls without complaint so it doesn't look too Miami in there.

Much love,


1 comment:

Mrs. Limestone said...

Wow that is gorgeous. I love how that chesterfield isn't as high armed as most are. Oh well - maybe you'll find a knock off somewhere else?

CSN has a white chesterfield at a much better price point but I dont think they have a sectional.