Thursday, April 14, 2011

well done, Macy's!

I've been frantically searching for good, large soup bowls for Passover Seder, ones that are large enough for matzoh balls, but cheaper than the Apilco Tres Grande ones.  I do completely adore those, but I don't really need a dozen, you know? 

Anyway, so I just popped by Macy's website and when I clicked on "for the home," I was greeted with this:

How completely pretty is that?  The turquoise, the lime green accents.  Everything is coordinated and overall it's just so darn pleasing.  That's the Chloe chair up in the first row and it makes me want to check out the sofa again, even though I know it's too low for me. 

I love when companies spend the time to do things like color coordinate images on their website.  When they put that extra effort in, it makes me want to give them their money.  Unfortunately they didn't have the right bowl, either.  Maybe I'll get a new dress instead. 

As for my bowls, I'm going to do a round of Marshall's and Ross before I give up and either borrow unmatched bowls or sell my firstborn for Apilco.  It's not like I don't use their bowls almost every day, it's just that I'm only one person so two bowls have been plenty. 

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