Wednesday, March 3, 2010

making my bed

I like to see how other people make their bed so I thought I’d share mine with you.

Here’s my bed fully made up:


I prop my pillows up against the headboard with the shams in the back and pillowcases in front. Before I bought the orange duvet, I had the shams in front as I was trying to downplay the brown. But now I want to highlight the multiple colors so they’re out front.

I also have a tiny throw pillow. In all seriousness, it’s much too small for my bed. But the colors are perfect and I love the peacock feather. I hope to find something larger, but I’m not actively looking.


So on top is my PrimaLoft comforter inside of a duvet. Comforter was bought years ago at Ross. I highly recommend discount stores for bedding basics. It’s so cheap and the selection just keeps growing year after year.


Underneath that I have an afghan. My mom made this for me when I was a kid and it was the perfect size for my twin-sized bed. As I grew up, the afghan came with me. When my bedding was all blue and yellow, I would keep this folded at the end of the bed. It doesn’t go anymore, but it’s warmth is very necessary.

Then under the afghan is the coverlet. I find that having these two items in this order is very important. I first had the afghan underneath the coverlet, but it would get all tangled up. No clue why having it on top keeps it orderly, but I’m not messing with what works.

Finally, under the coverlet is a blanket followed by a flat sheet and finally a fitted sheet over the mattress.

I know many have given up flat sheets and blankets, but I never will. I love the feel of a sheet right next to my body. And I love the process of folding back the top of the flat sheet. It makes the bed feel so done. And considering I only make my bed when I change the sheets or when someone’s coming over, when I do it, I like to do it right.

This all makes for a very heavy covering at night and it’s so perfect. I can burrow underneath all of this with the extra-long coverlet up over my ears and just sleep forever.

In the summer, I will store the afghan in my linen closet and fold the duvet at the end of the bed (or possibly in the spare room’s closet altogether). I may also switch out the sheets to something a bit happier. Maybe my old yellow sheets, maybe a new print. But for winter, this combination of colors and layers is absolutely right.

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